Utilizing Green Energy for Sustainable Technology

The more advanced and modern our economies and societies, the more energy becomes our lifeblood. This has created a priority for green energy resources to be developed and managed regarding the prospect of sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goal has committed UN members to ensure as “access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern green energy for all,”. They encourage members to see wider recognition that green energy will be crucial in achieving most of The Sustainable Development Goal, including energy access improvement in particular.

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What “Green” About Solar Energy?

If humans will live on Earth tomorrow, the sun will shine. So, from one viewpoint, solar energy is endless and will always be by know that we how solar panels work. 

There is more energy delivered by the sun in one second than human use in 12 months. In Addition, solar power isn’t a “dirty” power, meaning it doesn’t pollute when it is being consumed or produced. Carbon emissions could be greatly reduced worldwide if we could expand our use of solar power and decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. 

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