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Adam Widelka

The Mysterious World of Solar Panels De-mystified

Have you ever driven by someone’s house and seen a dark-colored panel on the rooftop? If you did, it is most likely a solar panel. Solar panels are designed to convert sunlight into direct current (DC). This then can be used in your home or office. So. how does this “magic” happen? How solar panels work is actually simple in principle. The panels are made of silicon semiconductors, known as solar cells.When light or photons hit the solar panel, electrons are released. Continue reading »

Sustainable Design and Construction

The very definition of sustainability is something or an action that does not cause the depletion of a resource, for future generations. In the context of construction, it means using building materials that are not dependent or at least not heavily dependent on a finite source. As with many things in life, this is easier said than done. Architects, engineers, designers, technicians and anyone else who is involved in construction, should strive to bridge the gap between design and construction, as far as sustainability is concerned. It is one thing to take pen to paper and put down design ideas. It is an entirely different thing to execute these ideas in a sustainable way.

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Sustainable Technology on a Micro Level

Whenever the words “sustainable technology” is mentioned, most people’s knee-jerk reaction is large technologies, such as windmills, solar farms and ocean wave power generation, etc. Although these technologies are needed and important, the truth is that there needs to be more attention on energy consumption on the individual level. Whether it is putting up a solar panel on top of your roof or remembering to turn off lights and electronics in your home, there are many ways to help with the cause. A lot of people doing a small amount will add up greatly towards creating a more sustainable future.

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