Green Planet

Green Planet

In order to comprehend what environmental concerns need to be addressed through sustainable technology, it is necessary to understand the green planet in which we live. The earth and the environment have been excellent in providing resources for the needs of humans. However, we need to effectively care for these resources in ways which will not deplete the earth but maintain and give back in order to provide for future generations. Here are some ideas regarding ways to keep the planet green.

Energy From Wind Farms

The wind is a completely sustainable and renewable form of energy. Using technology to harness the energy of the wind can be expensive upfront, but eventually turns out to be quite effective on the whole. It is completely clean, meaning that it leaves no carbon footprint, and it provides local economies by creating jobs and tax revenue. The land on which the wind farms are located can also be used for grazing animals, which makes it doubly useful.

Carbon Offsets

In order to make up for the fact that humans are consuming resources and creating waste, efforts are being made to provide options for carbon offset programs. This means that landfills may participate in programs which destroys the methane gas produced from decomposing garbage before it causes damage to the air and atmosphere. This also reduces odor, creates jobs, and improves air and groundwater quality for surrounding areas.

Ecologically Conscious Tech Design

In the Information Technology (IT) world, there can be many dangers to the environment from used and discarded technology products. Whether upgrading for convenience, efficiency, or because of product flaws, many of these technology items are ending up in landfills because they are outdated or unneeded. The challenge to IT designers today is to create products which are able to be recycled, re-formatted, repaired, disassembled, and upgraded while reusing the bulk of the materials.


One of the most important steps toward keeping the country and the planet green is education. Providing information and resources for communities and individuals to learn about the detrimental effects of waste, as well as offering alternative options within their lifestyles. Giving families, businesses, and communities small goals and teaching them to change habits in ways such as recycling and conserving resources is the beginning of protecting and thriving on the earth. Resourcing for higher education which will promote sustainable technology programs of study will develop eco-conscious researchers and scientists for the next generation.

Sustainable technology provides the backbone to power a Green Planet. With the goal to eventually power 100% of the earth with resources that are sustainable and renewable, technologists have their work cut out for them. But, shifting away from fossil fuels toward renewable, clean sources of energy is an incredibly good start. There are also many other effective ways to pursue this goal of a purposefully green planet.