They are the same thing actually. Green technology is known as sustainable technology and both take into consideration the impact things have on the environment, long-term and short-term. By definition, green products are things that are environmentally friendly like things that are energy efficient and using renewable resources like solar and wind power. The things needed to make this happen is green technology or some call it sustainable technology.

Are We Facing Extinction If We Don’t Go Green?

The Industrial Revolution started it all with the steam engine invention. Ever since then, Earth has suffered many fast changes in the climate, from severe droughts to increased used of groundwater. We have diseases spreading rapidly, the seawater levels are rising, and species of all types are becoming extinct.

At some point, somebody, preferably lots of us, will make changes to reverse these negatives, which is what the purpose of green technology. With sustainable technology, we can offset the effects of climate change and pollution. Why is this so important?

Once Earth is gone, there isn’t another one on order. There are only so much natural resources on Earth and when we’ve used all that up, what will those in the future do? There won’t be a future.

Things like electronics and household batteries frequently contain dangerous chemicals which pollute the groundwater and soil. Those substances end up in our drinking water and there isn’t any way to get them out. Those same substances get in our food crops and livestock grazes on that contaminated soil. The health risks alone are staggering.

Our oceans and the creatures that live there are being destroyed by another non-sustainable resource: plastic. Plastic is making its ways into our oceans and killing birds, fish, and numerous other species. As the larger fish feed on contaminated kill, they are contaminated by the plastic pollution and then humans consume that fish.  So, the plastic ring from a 6 pack you put in the trash has essentially ended up on your plate.

Renewable Energy and Nonrenewable Energy

We’ve discussed what green technology includes already. Using solar cells for power from natural lights to make electricity using photovoltaics. We use less fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions using sustainability resources.

For non-renewable energy resources includes things like coal, hydrogen, natural gas, nuclear, and oil. These items do not meet the criteria as sustainability and what resources they are using are depleting. Yes, we will run out of them sooner or later. We have to act today with our habits and routines to save our tomorrow.