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Organic Agriculture in Sustainable Technology

A form of farming which relies on systems such as crop rotation, biological pest control, and compost usage is referred to as Organic Agriculture or Organic Farming. Particularly in relationship to fertilizers and pesticides, organically grown foods only use resources which are considered to be “natural” rather than chemically created by humans. This produces crops and livestock which are thought to be healthier for the humans consuming them as well as for the environment.

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Four Green Technology Developments to Buy

You have started turning off lights, purchased a water saving shower-head, and have even begun riding your bike to work when it’s warm. What other ways are there to be responsible to use the developments of green technology on an individual or household level?

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Green Chemistry in Sustainable Technology

When considering many of the common substances in use for life today, often they come with a high ecological cost. While the space age was excellent for developing useful products, the concern for the environment in the development of these products was not necessarily of top consideration. Plastics, paints, even pharmaceuticals are derived from fossil fuels and are often culprits of pollution, waste, and non-sustainable technology.

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