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Creative Sustainable Tech Innovations

While these ideas are still in various stages of creation and are not expected to hit the market quite yet, these technological gadgets are new, energy efficient may be ways to implement sustainable technology into your home in the future.

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Sustainable Ways to Reduce Energy Use in Your Home

Energy reduction and conservation are really some of the easiest ways to practice sustainable technology on a local level. While you may not be able to install a wind turbine in your urban backyard, you can do some of these things to make sure that you are effectively and efficiently using the energy which you have access to, saving more for the future generations.

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Regenerative Design in Green Technology

Rather than the cradle-to-grave design where there is birth and then death, the idea of cradle-to-cradle (also called regenerative) design implies that materials, resources, and products are created with the intention of being used again and again. Other terms for this are cradle 2 cradle, or C2C. This concept is an approach to the design of systems and products which uses biomimicry, which means using the model of nature to create human systems. Designs made through Cradle to Cradle concepts make considerations based upon the enrichment of ecosystems, sets of life-giving transformations, efficiency, and lack of waste.

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