Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

The portion of sustainable technology which prompts communities, cities, and countries to plan and grow based upon green environment principles is often referred to as sustainable development. Simply put, this is the application and organization of sustainable practices and technology pursued on a collective level with many people, and often governments, involved. The main goal of such development is typically defined as meeting the needs of the present without creating problems for or compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations of people.

Components of Sustainable Technology

Three interdependent aspects of sustainability include social development, economic development, and the protection of the environment. There can sometimes be challenges with projects that do not meet the qualifications for all of these aspects, but an ideal solution to problems will continue to pursue all of these features on a global level. For instance, in the recent past there have often been communities and governments which base development on economic growth and social needs, but do not consider how this affects the environment. This is part of the reason that the earth has come to be in the predicament that it is with limited natural resources and pollution problems. Moving forward, countries and developing powers should look toward meeting all three of these requirements before forging ahead with growth and expansion.

Green Development

Sustainable development differs from the term Green Development in that it considers social, economic, and environmental needs to be on the same level. In Green Development, the environmental considerations are placed on a higher level than culture or economics, promoting the ecology in what can sometimes be detrimental to the other two aspects. Many supporters of Green Technology argue that the earth’s care is more important, but others find that a balance of the three aspect of sustainable technology is more attainable.

Current Sustainable Development

When considering a variety of aspects of sustainability, many European countries have been identified as leaders in this area. Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, France, and Austria are all European countries excelling in developing sustainable futures. Other countries ranking high are Costa Rica, Mauritius, Cuba, and Colombia.

Summits such as the Earth Summit or the UN Conference on Sustainable Development have become major international meetings where countries can brainstorm and work together to consider economic growth, poverty, and the environment. These types of cooperative efforts are encouraging when considering the future of the planet.

As time goes by, the hope is that many of these leading countries will share and encourage other countries with more difficulties to strategize and co-ordinate, in an effort to continue the adaptive process of national sustainable development strategies all over the globe.