Sustainable Technology on a Micro Level

Whenever the words “sustainable technology” is mentioned, most people’s knee-jerk reaction is large technologies, such as windmills, solar farms and ocean wave power generation, etc. Although these technologies are needed and important, the truth is that there needs to be more attention on energy consumption on the individual level. Whether it is putting up a solar panel on top of your roof or remembering to turn off lights and electronics in your home, there are many ways to help with the cause. A lot of people doing a small amount will add up greatly towards creating a more sustainable future.

The following are some examples of sustainable technology you can use/support, to help with making planet earth a more livable place.

For Farmers

The farming sector is perhaps one of the most important areas where sustainable technology on a micro level can make a great impact. This is because farm animals are one of the biggest contributors of green house gases. One such product designed for farm animals in general and cows in general is Mootral. Mootral is herb-based product consisting mainly of garlic and citrus, which helps with the cow’s digestion. The result is a cow that produces much less methane gas. It is being used on farms in the US and Europe, and the prediction is that it will help clean up the meat industry.

Re-thinking Transportation

After food, transportation is perhaps the most important part of life. Most people don’t even think about it.They just do it. The problem is that automobile technology still uses an internal-combustion engine; a technology that is over 100 years old! This needs to change. Electric and hybrid-electric automobiles are slowly making their way into mainstream reality. If you drive an old clunker, but can afford to go electric, then it may be time to seriously consider it.

Micro Living

Sometimes it is the smaller things in life that can make a big difference. Humans spend around two-thirds of their time in their homes.  The problem is that many of us want a lot of things to function and stay happy. Cutting back on consumer electronics and home appliances is a step in the right direction. Even if you forget or are not enthusiastic about turning off any electrical devices, there are products that can help you monitor and lower electrical consumption. Just plug it in any electrical outlet in the house, and it will do its job of monitoring/lowering power consumption.

Investing in the Future

Sure, sustainable technology is about global warming, better living standards, etc., but it is also about business. In other words, any technology or idea in this industry needs to make money. Otherwise, it will not get financial support.

The simple truth is that the green revolution is also about making money. With a little research, it is easy to find companies involved in sustainable technology worth investing in. In other words, environmentalism is not only about buying certain products or living a certain lifestyle;it’s also about helping to create it.