The more advanced and modern our economies and societies, the more energy becomes our lifeblood. This has created a priority for green energy resources to be developed and managed regarding the prospect of sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goal has committed UN members to ensure as “access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern green energy for all,”. They encourage members to see wider recognition that green energy will be crucial in achieving most of The Sustainable Development Goal, including energy access improvement in particular.

With green energy access progressing, we’ll be better able to reach areas of poverty and reduced it, and economic growth, education, health industrialization, among others. Just as important, increasing energy efforts must also consider climate change as SDG has encompassed on climate action. Green energy must become the source, not an option, for bon-intensive economics.

How Is Green Energy Good for Companies?

By helping the environment using green energy and sustainable technology, companies will also have the advantage of fundamental cost savings. Those savings come in the way of paper waste eliminated, energy efficient light bulbs, and tax incentives.  A residual plus for companies by using green practices is from the PR gain. The more consumers are aware of the green technology and sustainability technology, the more they are choosing who they do business with. Job seekers are choosing prospective employers that are taking ethical steps to be conscious of using green and sustainability technology. If they are making changes and sacrifices, they want the companies they buy from to be of the same effort. 

Businesses, their employees, and individuals overall need to become more aware of the various initiatives of going green available to them. Going paperless, buying energy efficient light bulbs, and installing solar panels are becoming more common, but there is more available we can do. Choosing to purchase devices that have less impact on the environment from cell phones and televisions. 

Which Is More Helpful? 

Some believe that we need to focus on is using less of our natural resources to minimize the impact on the environment, not rely on green or sustainable technology. Then, there are others of the belief that we need more green and sustainable technological innovation to clean up the environmental mess. Which side is the right side? There are people that believe the answer is in the middle of those two.